What Fundtra Does

What we do

You want to upend the market. You want to change the world. We want to help.Fundtra gets SMEs the R&D funding they need to succeed. We love working with disruptive and innovative companies in Europe and the United States. We will:

  • Support you from inception to management of your funded project and beyond.
  • Identify the most optimal funding schemes to lower your risk and maximise your ROI.
  • Build you an innovation funding strategy tailored to your needs.
  • Write and edit the proposals in order to maximise the impact of your project.
  • Strategise your business plan and optimise your marketing to reach the right audiences.
  • Be your trusted advisor throughout the process.

Whether you need a written business plan or a competitive grant application, we’re here to help you.

Whether you’re eying an SBIR grant, the EIC Accelerator, or any other EU funding opportunity, we’re the fundraising consultants who can help you win.

You’re the expert in your field; we’re the experts in ours. Free yourself to focus on your business. Let us handle the grants.

The project life-cycle

Our Services

Business plan writing

Some people can pitch an investor with a 5-slide deck and raise $1 million before lunch. But that’s a one-in-a-million proposition. The rest of us have to articulate our ideas, in complete sentences, with a logical concept development.

Our specialised writers have worked on both sides of the process. We’ve pitched ideas and we’ve analysed businesses. We have drafted and edited more than 800 business plans. We’d love to write yours as well.

Proposal writing

Need assistance writing a proposal for phase 1 or 2 of the EIC Accelerator? Not sure where to start? Let us help!

We know that the proposal-writing process can be daunting. That’s why we’ve spent years honing our craft and learning the specific details and requirements of each grant we work on. We’ll work with your pitch deck or business plan to draft a comprehensive funding proposal.


Learn everything you need to know about EU funding schemes for startups! Fundtra offers online workshops and masterclasses on fundraising, grant writing, editing, and more.

We love to share our experiences with our clients and offer targeted training options to help them succeed.


Our expert fundraisers will evaluate your proposal, identify areas needing improvement, and fine-tune every section before submission. We approach proposal writing like a fine art. Every last detail must be in place before the painting is finished. 


Do you believe in the power of the crowd? We do. Since 2015, Fundtra has worked with crowdfunding campaigns across Europe.

More than just funders, a crowd includes your ambassadors, evangelists, loyal customers, donors, and returning visitors. Fundtra helps you to understand and leverage your crowd. With your crowd, you can fundraise, undertake, build, and make.

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