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Who are we?

Fundtra is a fundraising consulting firm with over X years of experience in AREA and AREA. We work with disruptive and innovative companies in Europe and the United States to procure millions in funding from national and international organizations.

We specialise in competitive EU-based funding schemes including the EIC Accelerator and SBIR. We also work with other national government and foundation grants such as TSB Smart Grants (Innovate) in the UK or startup foundation funds like the Sparkplug Foundation.

Government grants like these can single-handedly launch new businesses and turbocharge their innovation. The grants are non-repayable and don’t require you to give up any equity. Fundtra’s job is to help you get them.

Are you looking to tackle a competitive grant application? Need assistance drafting a business plan for your investors? Looking to broaden your funding avenues? Whatever you need, Fundtra will be your fundraising partner. 

EIC Accelerator

The big kahuna. The holy grail. The Mount Everest of EU funding.

Whatever you call it, there’s no doubt that the European Innovation Council Accelerator program, or EIC Accelerator, is one of the most valuable and sought-after funding schemes in Europe. The EIC Accelerator programme funds pathbreaking startups looking to disrupt existing markets. 

The EIC Accelerator awards over €17,5 million each year, with individual recipients receiving between €500.000 and €2,5 million. With numbers like that, the competition is stiff, to say the least.

Fundtra specialises in grant-writing for the EIC Accelerator. We know the ins and outs of the European Innovation Council as well as its funding aims and scope.

Are you interested in the EIC Accelerator? Ready to climb the funding Everest? Click here to learn more.

Why should I apply for a grant? 

With government grants, you retain equity while boosting your cash flow and gaining invaluable recognition for your business.

These grants are all about helping you succeed.

If you raise funds from individuals and VCs, they’ll typically want a piece of your business, be it equity or shares. Government grants, on the other hand, are equity-free funding. You get the money without giving up a share of your business. It’s a win-win for you! 

So, what’s the catch?

The catch is that these grants are quite competitive. They take time to do right. And the process is complex. Sometimes the most innovative businesses are rejected because they failed to understand the specific process or requirements of the grant.

Hire a professional fundraising agency now and do your grant applications right the first time.

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Our clients

We work with organizations in Europe and in the United States. Our clients are based in X. Fundtra clients include alumni of Techstars, Y combinator, and Seedcamp across a number of industry areas.  

We work across industries: biotechnology, construction, energy, engineering, health, ICT, food, culture, and many more. If your business is innovative, there’s a grant out there for you.

“Megan helped our company put together an EU grant application and did so with great efficiency and high quality. She managed to grasp our business very quickly and was able to present it in a concise and powerful manner. Due to Megan’s invaluable work we received the grant we applied for and she also helped us with the reporting. Her flexibility, attentiveness, and resourcefulness make here stand out from the competition. I feel very comfortable in recommending Megan knowing that she will exceed all expectations!”

MOHAMMED, Greenely

“Megan was able to quickly pull together a submission for an EU Grant for my business and has proved to be an invaluable resource in sourcing grant funding and providing a clear assessment of how and when to make applications. I think her service is far more agile and cost effective than the big professional services firms and she is a pleasure to work with.I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

PETER, Chargifi

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