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Why Fundtra

Startup founders know it takes time to become an expert in your field. If you’re presented with a problem, large or small, it takes time to assess the options and make the right decision.When it comes to fundraising and marketing, it will save you time to hire outside assistance.

- Access experienced writersAll of our consultants are passionate about one thing: the written word. Each has experience designing and executing marketing campaigns, writing winning funding proposals, and pitching to VCs.

- A record of success Nothing is certain, but Fundtra is lucky enough to enjoy an excellent track-record of success. Competition in your industry can be tough, but we’ll take the time required to fully understand your strengths and weaknesses to craft content that presents your business in the best possible way.

About Fundtra

Fundtra was founded in 2014 by Megan Kenna, a veteran fundraiser who grew tired of working directly with slow-moving governments, and wanted to learn more quickly through work with startups. More than 40 startups and scaleups have worked with Fundtra, raising +$80M through a variety of activities, from grants to VC capital.

After just 3 years, Fundtra has expanded to include more than six high-quality writers, a graphic designer, and two business advisors.

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